Games in the garden with Swiss sunshine, beer and swimming pool!

ShadowCon will be back to in-person games from 27–28 August and FREE! Thanks to those who participated online in 2020 and 2021, this year ShadowCon will be held entirely at the Northfields Community Centre. Games details will be published as they become available, with booking through Warhorn as usual. You can register right now – it's FREE this year.
Looking forward to seeing everyone over the August Bank Holiday.

We are planning to run the following games:

• Pathfinder Society 1ed & 2ed
• Starfinder Society
• Blades in the Dark
• 7th Sea
• Aliens
• Living Arcanis 5e
• City of Mist
• The One Ring 2e
• Wirtin Unbound

Full details on Warhorn. GMs can sign-up to play from 18 July. Player can sign-up from 1 August.

Mirth Myth & Magic Limited will be attending on the Saturday with their extensive stock of games and RPG accessories. If you would like anything in particular, let them know before the Shadowcon weekend.

On Sunday there will be a ShadowFist tournament for those who are card gamers.

Shadow Warriors will work within the current Government and Centre guidelines controlling COVID risk at the convention but they additionally request that in all common areas everyone wears a mask. Each table can make a choice whether to wear masks. Please respect requests for doing so.