Games in the garden with Swiss sunshine, beer and swimming pool!

ConTingency was an amazing success – far greater than any of us imagined – with well over 400 people widely spread over spaced out tables and lodges, having a wonderful time together. It was a very uplifting start to 2022 to be able to see old friends again and entertain each other with some wonderful games. Of course Pathfinder 1 & 2 and Starfinder were there, but the big attraction was the chance to try out new games.

Contingency Arcanis Dan

Huge credit must got to the Wyrd Sisters: Carol, Chris and Fil, who had achieved the miracle of getting us back together. It's not insignificant that they have raised over £7,000 for charity in the process!

Contingencywyrd sisters

The Covid risk management was exemplary with everyone wearing masks between tables and plenty of hand sanitiser and one-way systems. Most people were doing Lateral Flow tests every two days, as an additional reassurance.

It's impossible not to mention the delicious ice-cream in mouth-watering flavours that graced the largest games hall. Most people got a double-scoop of heaven.

Contingency icecream

Let's hope for more of these well-managed conventions this year. In the south we have Conclave in Southend and Contraption in Worthing. Both are well established events getting back to in-person gaming. They are bothe expecting o have a Pathfinder / Starfinder presence.