11 June 2021
Year of the Shattered Sanctuaries launches at PaizoCon Europe Online (19–22 August 2021). New threats arise close to home. The Grand Lodge is suddenly overwhelmed with desperate calls for aid from lodges across the Inner Sea — and from the Society’s allies within the city of Absalom itself!  Read the blog

1 June 2021
The keynote speech that Erik Mona gave to kick of this year’s PaizoCon Online is available to watch on YouTube. It’s a great overview of what’s coming up in the year ahead.

"Bestiary 3" published.
"Secrets of Magic" published August 2021. Magus and Summoner classes. More spells.
"Guns and Gears" published October. Gunslinger and Inventor classes. Lots of guns. Construct companion.
"Book of the Dead" published March 2022. Lots of stuff about undead. More and more undead.
"Mwangi Expanse" published July. Written from the point of view of someone who lives there.
"The Grand Bazaar" published November. New equipment.
"Absalom – City of Lost Omens" 400 pages. Published November
"Fists of the Ruby Phoenix" high level adventure path. All three books released at the same time. July
"Strength of Thousands" adventure path. August.
"Quest for the Frozen Flame" 3 volume Mammoth Lord adventure path. January 2022
"Malevolence" 3rd level haunted house adventure. Published 7 July
"Night of the Gray Death" by Ron Lundeen. October
"Dinner at Lion Lodge" by James Jacobs. One-shot
Party game "Goblin Firework Fight" published November.
"Kingmaker" will be released April 2022.
"Wrath of the Righteous" from Owlcat in September.
"Pathfinder Arena" boardgames. Published by Giochi, crowdfunded.
"Battlezoo Bestiary" from Paizo Superstars.
Fantasy Ground have converted many, many Pathfinder 1 and Starfinder adventure paths and some Pathfinder 2.

21 May 2021
Humble Bundle of Bestiary and other Pathfinder material. Link here.