PaizoCon Online Europe 2021

It has proved to be a little too risky to organize an in-person PaizoCon UK this year but you don’t have to miss out. Three RVCs have stepped in to organize PaizoCon Europe Online. The team will comprise Ian Hawthorne RVC Isles, Nils Janson RVC Central Europe and Benoît Gros RVC Francia

PaizoCon Europe Online will run from August 19–22, 2021 with six-hour game slots at European friendly times, plus some overnight slots for the nosferatu nightshift:

Block Start Time
(Central Europe)
Start time
(British Summer Time)
9:00am 8:00am (GMT+1)
Afternoon  3:00pm 2:00pm (GMT+1)
Evening  9:00pm 8:00pm (GMT+1)
3:00am 2:00am (GMT+1)



PaizoCon Europe will launch Year 3 of Pathfinder Society with three new intro scenarios. Plus a selection of new and favourite scenarios for Starfinder Society, and Pathfinder Society 1st and 2nd.

New Venture Captain for England

Having recently returned to his homeland after many years living overseas, Alistair Rigg is honoured to be appointed Venture Captain of England. While the landscape of organised play has, perhaps, been forever changed through the impact of the pandemic, he is looking forward to a return to the tabletop where he hopes to meet you all, one day.

Alistair first became involved with the Pathfinder Society in 2009 when he began building Australia’s Sydney Lodge. He was appointed Venture-Captain in 2011, shortly after the first call for regional coordinators. Throughout his tenure, Alistair has created and coordinated many game days and conventions, including PaizoCon Oz, which he co-founded with Stephen White, and Lissalapalooza, the largest Pathfinder convention in the southern hemisphere. Alistair has also acted as VC for Canberra, for Auckland, and, most recently, for San Francisco’s North and East Bay Area.