ShadowCon Online 2021

ShadowCon is a face-to-face convention traditionally run at Shadow Warriors Club, since time immemorial. It's been decided to remain online this summer Bank Holiday. It will run from Saturday 28 to Monday 30 August, with two slots a day (9.00–14.30 and 15.30–21.00).

We are delighted to have already secured some great GMs to run Pathfinder 1st,  2nd, and  Starfinder games, as well as Aliens and D5e. We are looking for a few additional GMs who can support us.
 Contact Michael on Discord (Michael#7913) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to GM.

WarhornThe convention is completely free  and registration is open now on Warhorn. Players can sign-up for games from early August. (GMs can sign-up early to play in as many games as they GM.)

PaizoCon Online Europe 2021

Registration for PaizoCon Online Europe 2021 (19–22 August) is open over on the Warhorn site.

WarhornPlayers are able to sign-up for games from 19 July, so get your fingers on the button to grab a place in newly released adventures, world premiere scenarios and some old favourites. You can register your interest in GMing too. You'll find the GM Interest form here.  We hope to see you there!

A huge selection of adventures

PaizoCon Europe will launch Year 3 of Pathfinder Society with three new intro scenarios. Plus a selection of new and favourite scenarios for Starfinder Society, and Pathfinder Society 1st and 2nd.