Starfinder Season Three

In the Year of Exploration’s Edge, the Starfinder Society gets back to its roots by venturing out into the wider galaxy. Under the leadership of First Seeker Ehu Hadif, the Society launches missions throughout Near Space and the Vast to solidify its reputation as the organization at the forefront of exploration in the Pact Worlds!

SFS 3-01: Crash Down by Jason Tondro
For levels 1-4 (subtiers 1-2 & 3-4). While undertaking a routine surveillance mission to an uncharted world in the Vast, a freak accident occurs that causes the PCs' starship to crash on a nearby planetoid. Caught without another ship for assistance, it's up to the heroes to survive for several weeks as another Starfinder starship can be dispatched to rescue them. Can the PCs survive before succumbing to the dangers of an unexplored alien planet?
Scenario tags: Survival

SFS 3-02: The Subterranean Safari by Jessica Catalan

For levels 3-6 (subtiers 3-4 & 5-6). Seeking to ingratiate themselves with the Veskarium, the Starfinder Society sends a team of agents along with an influential vesk Brigadier on a hunt into the subterranean caverns of Vesk-3. As the Veskarium officer seeks to discover "the big one" of the planet's dangerous stridermander population, the PCs must protect their charge while also uncovering hidden truths about a skittermander group that dwelt in the same caves they now search.
Scenario tags: Faction (Acquisitives)