Tonya WoldridgeTonya Woldridge is the Pathfinder Society Organized Play co-ordinator. She is a 5-star GM and she previously served as Venture Captain of Ontario, Canada, Venture Lieutenant of the UK since 2013, and co-lead of the Gen Con 2015 Pathfinder Society headquarters.

Tonya enjoys researching historical methods of crafting, sewing, brewing, dancing, singing, and cooking. She has been a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism for over 20 years. This love of all things medieval led her to a Bachelor's degree in History. She also has a Bachelor's in Asian Studies, as she fell in love with Korea when she lived there with her family.

She is especially beloved in the UK where she organised games, ran home campaigns, set a high standard for running conventions and baked cakes. We enjoyed her talents as part of the fantastic adventuring package that was the Woldridge family: Crispy, Jonathan and Kiera. It’s great to have her back. She is here to run “Skeleton Moon”, a Retired and Extremely Dangerous adventure and some extended Playtest adventures.