Siege of Gallowspire

The tenth season of Pathfinder comes to a climax in this special multi-table event at PaizoCon UK. (We have requested this from Paizo.) This is a multi-table interactive event for characters between 5 and 16 level. (So only level 7 Pre-Gens will be available.) PFS 10-98: Siege of Gallowspire marks the finale of Season Ten. Expect a challenging adventures. Choose "Soldier" to take on this tough event, or choose "Champion" to take on extra hard mode. Good luck, Pathfinder.

PFS10-98: The Siege of Gallowspire

A Pathfinder Society Scenario, written by Brian Duckwitz, designed for levels 5–16, as well as Aid Characters (see below).

For a millennium, Golarion rested safe in the knowledge that history's most infamous lich, the Whispering Tyrant, was securely locked away. After a cataclysmic explosion sundered his prison, the Tyrant roams free once more. But he didn’t simply abandon his prison. Deep beneath the ground, behind nearly impenetrable magical wards, he has set in motion a necromantic ritual of extraordinary power. It's up to the Pathfinders to battle the Tyrant's guardians, break the wards, and stop the ritual that could make him unstoppable. Along the way, they’ll discover what secrets the Tyrant wanted to protect and keep from falling into his enemies' hands.

This scenario has two difficulty levels: Soldier and Champion. "Champion" is a considerably more challenging version of the adventure.

Aid Characters: Players can bring up to three additional characters of level 5 or higher to participate in this special scenario. Aid characters generate benefits to help other tables, and they can participate in special Aid Missions during the scenario. Players do not need all of their Chronicle sheets for their Aid Characters—they only need each Aid Characters' most recently earned Chronicle sheet. 
You may want to bring their character sheets too, if you'd like to roleplay them a bit. Aid characters must be your own PCs. If you don't have any PCs at the appropriate level, you can instead enlist the aid of 4th level NPC Pathfinders by using the iconic pregenerated characters. These NPCs aren't as capable as your own PCs would be, but they can still help out.