Pathfinder 2nd edition rulesEarly adopter? This is your chance to try second edition rules for Pathfinder. You can be one of the first to play the first adventure in the season for Pathfinder Society using Pathfinder 2 rules. (We have applied to Paizo for "Orgin of the Open Road".)

Origin of the Open Road

Pathfinder Society (2nd edition) 1-00: Origin of the Open Road. (For level 5 Pre-Gens) The adventure starts right here.  

When Starfinder Society launched, it featured a special prologue adventure that helped set up the upcoming stories we would tell in the first year—all while giving players a taste of higher-level play with pregenerated characters. Two years later, Paizo are kicking off Pathfinder Society's second edition campaign in much the same way with Origin of the Open Road.  You will play a 5th-level pregenerated iconic character who uncovers forgotten secrets of the Society in the arcane capital of Quantium. Even though this is a special adventure, it's not an exclusive scenario. It can be run and played at any venue.