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This year’s PaizoCon UK Friday Night is celebrated with a welcome fusion feast at Jimmy Spices World Buffet. Help yourself from a huge variety from the Far East, Indian Sub-Continent, Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Each cuisine boasts its own dedicated chef who likes to dazzle the diners with live and flamboyant cooking. It’s the only place where at one time you'll see one chef whizzing up a stir fry whilst another is swirling pizza dough in the air. It truly is a food lover's heaven. Experiment and come and try something new with us at the one and only, Jimmy Spices. 

You can buy drinks from the bar to accompany your meal. We'll grab taxis for a short ride from Aston at 7.00pm or you can go directly to Jimmy Spices, Regency Wharf, Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2DS by 7.30pm.

About Jimmy’s

When it comes to multi cuisine dining and live cooking, Jimmy Spices were the original pioneers of this concept and have been for nearly a decade now. This idea took off extremely well and has since spread all over the country.

Website Tel: 0121 643 2111

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