Gloucester Pathfinder Lodge

Sunday 2 July

We welcome you at the Gloucester Pathfinder Society Grand Lodge at the Gala Club Gloucester, Fairmile Gardens, Gloucester GL2 9EB. We run from 12:30–4:30 and the next meeting is 2 July, then 6 August. This is a new chapter of Paizo’s Global Organised Play Campaign and we welcome both new, and veteran, Pathfinder players and GMs.

Our room can accommodate up to 15 people. At the moment the plan is to run a single table for new and low-level characters, but if there is enough interest and a second GM then there is room for a second table. Players will be asked to contribute £1 towards the cost of the room hire – where else can you get 4+ hours of quality entertainment for that price?

There is free parking available at the club. For those using public transport, the number 97 bus runs up the A38, which is a 2 minute walk away. I’ve been told it’s an hourly service, but haven’t been able to confirm this. If it proves a problem, I can try and arrange lifts from the central bus station 2 miles away.

If you’d like to come or need more information then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can plan accordingly. Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you in Gloucester!

Gloucester March 2017