Here are some important pieces of information if you're interested in joining us to participate in Paizo's Global Organised Play Campaign.

Joining the Pathfinder Society
1. Visit Paizo's website at
2. Register an account. You'll need an email address to complete this step.
3. Go to the Pathfinder Society page. You can reach this by clicking the Pathfinder Society logo in the left menu, or directly at
4. Click the link in the middle of the page that says: "Create a character!" and sign in to your account.
5. You will be given a Pathfinder Society ID. Make a note of this number, or download and print your membership card for easy reference.
6. Congratulate yourself on an excellent life choice.

Important documents
The Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide is our campaign bible. You can download it FREE from this webpage .

There is a separate version for the Starfinder Society Guild Guide, which can be found from this webpage .

The Additional Resources page is a continuously updated webpage which lists all of the legal and illegal content in Pathfinder Society. If you're making a new character, buying gear, picking feats or spells or practically anything else you can think of, give the page a quick check to make sure your choices can be used in the campaign. The list can be found at