My name is Joonas Frösén. I have just been appointed Venture Agent, and with that great power comes the responsibility of giving life to a new lodge in Cambridge. Old and new players are welcome, I will have pre-generated characters handy, and can provide assistance in creating a character if needed. We hope to see you there!

Entry for the night will be £3 (£2 for under 16s and free if it's your first time!) and we will also have new membership cards available for those interested. These will be at the new price of £40 and entitle you to a year's worth of free entry to the games events, discounted entry to tournaments and special events and 10% off in Heffers at any time! Doors for the event will be opening at 18:30 and we'll be gaming until 2am!

Our first game will be held on 10 February at Heffers bookshop, 20 Trinity Street, CB2 1TY Cambridge. I will be running the series of quests – PFS 8-16: House of Harmonious Wisdom, which is a set of four 1-hour quests. Players can drop in and out between quests, as you do not have to complete them all, or play them in any particular order.

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