Preston Pathfinder LodgePreston Pathfinder Lodge

Preston PFS Lodge will back in business from Sunday 18th August 2019, in a new location: Harlequins Gaming Store, 52 Manchester Road, Preston PR1 3YH, starting at 12:30pm. 

And also we have a new edition! Pathfinder 2. So, for our first meeting back it seems a good idea to start afresh and have a go at the new edition, with the first full length Pathfinder Society scenario PFS2 1-01 The Absalom Initiation. If you have characters of your own you can play them, if not we will have pregens. This is new to us all, so don't worry about being familiar with the rules.

We are newbie friendly. If there are any DnD players who want a bit more meat to their character choices or some real depth to their stories, we'd be happy to get you started. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

Check out our Warhorn and book into a game to be sure of a place in a game.