PFS Quest 1: The Sandstone Secret by Linda Zayas-Palmer
For levels 1–4 (Subtiers 1–2 and 3–4). When the Pathfinder Society receives word of a promising, unexplored ruin in Osirion, the PCs set out to uncover the site's secrets. Yet upon arriving, the PCs learn that a different group of Pathfinders has already entered the ruins. Has there been some mistake, is the site's magic playing tricks on everyone, or is there something more nefarious afoot?
Scenario Tags: Repeatable

PFS Quest 2: Unforgiving Fire by Leo Glass
For levels 1–4 (Subtiers 1–2 and 3–4). Venture-Captain Rashmivati Melipdra has called for a group of Pathfinders to travel to Jalmeray and assist her in retrieving a stolen relic. A former member of the Monastery of Unblinking Flame, Melipdra was in the process of negotiating with the monastery for custody of some of their most ancient and historically significant training devices. Before the deal could be completed, a rogue monk stole one of the relics and fled the monastery for the island of Veedesha. There, the monk seeks to use her training and the stolen devices to create a new competing monastery. As the PCs travel to a lawless island controlled by bandits and martial artists, they must find a way to retrieve the stolen goods from the new master of the Monastery of Unforgiving Fire.

PFS 1-00: Origin of the Open Road by Ron Lundeen
For level 5 pregenerated characters. Over recent decades, numerous incidents at the Pathfinder Society's Grand Lodge in Absalom have damaged the priceless collections, destroying many documents outright. The Society has sent the PCs to Nexus House in the arcane metropolis of Quantium, hoping that the second oldest Pathfinder lodge might contain duplicates of the lost texts to copy and study. Yet the PCs are not the only ones interested in the secrets preserved in Nexus House, and the PCs find themselves on the trail of unlikely criminals.
This adventure makes use of the 5th-level pregenerated characters available as a free download.

PFS 1-01: The Absalom Initiation by Lyz Liddell
For levels 1–4 (Subtiers 1–2 and 3–4). A new era is beginning for the Pathfinder Society, with new recruits and new factions all excited to build connections and embark on grand adventures. The PCs are among these recruits invited to attend a welcoming party where they can meet both the old guard as well as the up-and-coming leaders. But the party's not all talk; the PCs learn of four exciting escapades in Absalom, through which they can kick off their adventuring careers!
This adventure's individual missions include numerous variations that make each play-through exciting and different.
Scenario Tags: Repeatable

PFS 1-02: The Mosquito Witch by Eleanor Ferron
For levels 1–4 (Subtiers 1–2 and 3–4). Decades ago, witnesses reported a fearsome cryptid outside of the quiet River Kingdoms town of Shimmerford. Dubbed the Mosquito Witch, it was rarely seen since and quickly became a beloved local legend that the town celebrates and promotes to attract visitors. But when recent attacks began savaging livestock and townsfolk alike, many have started believing the Mosquito Witch was real all along. The PCs travel to Shimmerford to unravel the cryptid mystery, but might they just become the witch's next victim?

PFS 1-03: Escaping the Grave by Adrian Ng
For levels 1–4 (Subtiers 1–2 and 3–4). The Whispering Tyrant has escaped Gallowspire and ravaged the lands of Lastwall. Although the nation managed to evacuate many civilians, there are still refugees, Pathfinders, and irreplaceable cultural treasures trapped in this undead-ridden realm known as the Gravelands. The PCs are part of the Society's efforts to infiltrate these dangerous lands, rescue the Pathfinders missing in action, and recover what historical texts and treasures they can. Just be quick! Every hour behind enemy lines increases the chance a nearby army learns of the PCs' mission.
Scenario Tags: Faction (Envoys' Alliance)

PFS 1-04: Bandits of Immenwood by Scott D. Young
For levels 1–4 (Subtiers 1–2 and 3–4). The Pathfinders are sent forth to aid their own! A Pathfinder mission returning from a long sea voyage ran aground on the Isle of Kortos and were forced to leave behind many of their discoveries so they could press on to Absalom and receive much-needed medical care. The PCs are sent to the site of the wreck to retrieve the relics and charts their peers were forced to leave but the relics have drawn the attention of some of the Immenwood's most volatile inhabitants. Will the PCs be able to return the documents and relics to Zarta Dralneen, the Grand Lodge's Chief Archivist? Or will they fall prey to the unusual bandits dwelling within the coastal reaches of one of Kortos's most infamous forests?
Scenario Tags: Faction (Grand Archive)

PFS 1-05: Trailblazers’ Bounty by Tineke Bolleman
For levels 1–4 (Subtiers 1–2 and 3–4). The powerful nation of Cheliax has posted a public bounty that would richly reward the first team of explorers to chart a viable route across the Menador Mountains, linking the nations of Isger and Molthune (all to bypass the economic powerhouse of Druma, which has recently imposed higher taxes on key goods crossing its borders). Yet the Menador Mountains are an imposing obstacle, replete with steep slopes, snowy peaks, and territorial orcs. Even so, there are no finer explorers than the Pathfinders, and the Society has dispatched a team to collect the prize. Are the PCs ready to not only explore the foreboding mountains but also to compete with the rival teams and local inhabitants?
Scenario Tags: Faction (Horizon Hunters)

PFS 1-06: Lost on the Spirit Road by Christopher Wasko
For levels 1–4 (Subtiers 1–2 and 3–4). A shipment of relics on its way to Minkai vanished somewhere in the Forest of Spirits, a dense woodland home to kami and spirits of all sorts. In search of the missing shipment, Pathfinder agents travel to a remote village, where they uncover secrets of this enigmatic forest. This scenario features a wide variety of options for encounters and reasons for the vanishing, making for a fresh experience on mulitple playthoughs.

PFS 1-07: Flooded King's Court by Brian Duckwitz
For levels 1–4 (Subtiers 1–2 and 3–4). From a ruined theater in the run-down Puddles district of Absalom, a goblin hero and self-styled king rules over the nearby goblins. Shifting foundations beneath the playhouse have revealed ruins from Absalom's early history, and the goblin king has put out a call for explorers to search the area and clear out its dangers. The Pathfinder Society has answered the call. They aren't the only group that is interested, however, and they must prove themselves to earn the right to enter these lost chambers.
Scenario tags: Faction (Vigilant Seal)

PFS 1-08: Revolution on the Riverside by Kalervo Oikarinen
For levels 1–4 (subtiers 1–2 and 3–4). In the heart of the River Kingdoms, revolution and turmoil boil just beneath the surface. The PCs are called to investigate rumors of an old, abandoned Pathfinder Lodge, but discover that their investigation leads them into a firestorm of danger and intrigue. What starts as a simple task becomes a revolution sweeping a nation, and the PCs' actions will inevitably shape the future of an entire kingdom.

PFS 1-09: Star-Crossed Voyages by Lu Pellazar
For levels 3-6 (subtiers 3-4 and 5-6). The Pathfinder Society is called upon to aid the fledgling nation of Vidrian! As the PCs sail beyond the edge of the Inner Sea and into the waters off the coast of southern Garund searching for new trade routes to connect Vidrian with new allies, the PCs find themselves amongst the iruxi, a civilization of lizardfolk astrologists. While the iruxi themselves seem to be likely allies, other forces stir in the nearby jungles, and if the PCs hope to return north with news of a newly charted route, they will need to first face an ancient evil whose presence complicates navigating the treacherous ocean ways.
Scenario tags: Faction (Horizon Hunters)

PFS 1-10: Tarnbreaker’s Trail by Steven Hammond
For levels 1–4 (subtiers 1–2 and 3–4). Venture-Captain Bjersig Torrsen has set out the call for a group of Pathfinders to compete in a race known as the Balgirdtrek. Taking place in the Land of the Linnorm Kings, this race is an annual event that includes participants from both the Varki and Ulfen people of the region. Bjersig hopes that by having the PCs participate, they might not only bolster the Society's reputation in the Saga Lands, but also document this exciting event. Although the Society has the organizers' official permission, some of the Ulfen competitors in particular see the Pathfinders' participation as an intrusion on their time-honored pastime. The true challenge of this race is not monsters or villains, but the harsh nature of the grueling marathon itself.
Scenario tags: Repeatable

PFS 1-11: Flames of Rebellion by Michael Sayre
For levels 1–4 (subtiers 1–2 and 3–4). Following the trail of one of the first Pathfinders, the PCs travel to the town of Sauerton where an old ally helps them find important clues. These clues lead the PCs into a dangerous wilderness to an old tower whose history goes back even farther than the Pathfinder Society itself. As the PCs navigate numerous threats with opposing interests, will they find the hidden keys to unlock the secrets of the Open Road Pact, or just another trail obscured by the passage of centuries?

PFS Quest 6: Archaeology in Aspenthar by Quinn Murphy
For levels 1–4 (subtiers 1–2 and 3–4) The Ruby Prince has banned much of the archaeology that once took place in the nation of Osirion. Rather than quelling the demand for access to the mysteries of ancient Osirion, this created a new market among Osirion's neighbors. Prince Zinlo, ruler of the city-state of Aspenthar, has offered several potentially interesting contracts to explore and document ancient sites within his holdings. As the PCs are sent to secure one of these sites, will they uncover new secrets long lost to modern recollection, or will they find that the Prince Zinlo's offer truly is too good to be true?

PFS Quest 7: A Curious Claim by Dennis Muldoon
For levels 3–6 (subtiers 3–4 and 5–6). Money is power in the land of Druma and those who know how best to manipulate the economics of the land have the most of both. The PCs are sent to Druma to investigate a missing ship and the particulars of an insurance claim related to its disappearance, though both ravenous undead and agents of one of the Pathfinder Society's fiercest rival organizations seek to keep them from the truth behind the ship's sad end.

PFS 1-12: The Burden of Envy by Lysle Kapp
For levels 1–4 (subtiers 1–2 and 3–4).
Swindler, rogue, and occasional Pathfinder ally Guaril Karela has approached the Society with an opportunity that Valais Durant, the leader of the Society's Radiant Oath faction, can't refuse. Guaril has been charging refugees to sneak them out of Xin Edasseril, a city ruled by the Runelord of Envy, and now it looks like Guaril won't be able to fulfill his contracts. Society agents are charged with sneaking into the dangerous city and sneaking out with a handful of its citizens before their absence is noticed so that the Radiant Oath can help them find new lives beyond their current ruler's tyrannical reach.
Scenario tags: Faction (Radiant Oath)

PFS 1-13: Devil at the Crossroads by Jenny Jarzabski
For levels 3–6 (subtiers 3–4 and 5–6). The Sarkoris Scar still aches from the recently closed Worldwound, but that hasn't stopped the Pathfinder Society and their allies in the Farheavens Clan from maintaining their efforts to reclaim the Sarkorians' ancestral homelands. At a trading post near the southern border of the Sarkoris Scar, the PCs meet their contact from the Farheavens but not all is as it seems. The PCs and their allies will need to unravel the twisted skeins of an infernal plot if they have any hope of avoiding becoming the next victims of a fiendish spirit. This adventure was concepted at Paizo's Adventure Design Workshop panel during GenCon 2019.
Scenario tags: Faction (Vigilant Seal)

PFS 1-14: Lions of Katapesh by Adam Meyers
For levels 1–4 (subtiers 1–2 and 3–4). Goblin patriarch, merchant, and Pathfinder Society ally Yigrig Moneymaker needs help! The cunning goblin merchant has big plans to build a bridge that will connect two promising trade partners, but something is stirring up the local wildlife and convincing the lions and other predators of the Katapeshi plains that goblins are more tasty than can possibly be true. The PCs must find out who's responsible for the trials Yigrig's family faces before the lions of Katapesh devour the entire goblin clan and end the chance for trade between two desert cities.
Scenario tags: Repeatable

PFS 1-15: The Blooming Catastrophe by Mikhail Rekun
For levels 1–4 (subtiers 1–2 and 3–4). The Pathfinders travel to Iobaria, where elven druids and centaur warriors are united against an unlikely threat: a self-propogating horde of corrupted leshys! The source of the Abyssal corruption may be tied to a previous trip to Iobaria by the Pathfinder Society, so it falls to the PCs to seek out the source of the leshy incursion and restore balance to the woodlands.
Scenario tags: Faction (Verdant Wheel)

PFS 1-16: The Perennial Crown Part 1, Opal of Bhopan by Thilo Graf
For levels 3–6 (subtiers 3–4 and 5–6). In part 1 of the two-part Perennial Crown adventure, the Pathfinders journey to the island of Bhopan for the first time in over four centuries! On the forested island where founding Pathfinder Selmius Foster met his demise, the PCs will meet the fey-descended Bhopanese people. Not all diplomatic negotiations take place in a stuffy meeting hall, however. In order to navigate the complex, fey-influenced customs of Bhopanese court and establish a relationship with the rulers of Bhopan, the PCs must find their way through a masquerade ball filled with complex dance steps and hidden agendas.
Scenario tags: Metaplot

PFS 1-17: The Perennial Crown Part 2, The Thorned Monarch by Alex Augunas
For levels 3–6 (subtiers 3–4 and 5–6). In part 2 of The Perennial Crown, the PCs must evade the fearsome fey known as the Thorned Monarch. This unrelenting tyrant will stop at nothing to hunt down the PCs and claim their discoveries for themself, bringing to bear not only their awesome physical and magical power, but also manipulating the innocent Bhopanese citizens in their desperate attempts to stop the PCs from fleeing Bhopan with the one item that could put an end to the evil fey's ambitions.
Scenario tags: Metaplot

PFS 1-18: Lodge of the Living God by Alex Greenshields
For levels 1–4 (subtiers 1–2 and 3–4). An unexpected alliance begins! The masked priest Narsen invites the Pathfinders to the city of Xer in Razmiran, a closed nation dedicated to Razmir, the Living God. Normally insular and isolated, access to Razmiran represents a unique opportunity for the Pathfinder Society. Narsen has even sweetened the pot by offering to fund the repair of an old keep to serve as the Society's new lodge. As the first Pathfinders arrive to oversee repairs on the lodge-to-be, will this mark the historic first moment in an unlikely partnership, or will it trigger a disaster of unmitigated proporitions?
Scenario tags: Faction (Envoy's Alliance)

PFS 1-19: Iolite Squad Alpha by Mike Kimmel
For levels 3–6 (subtiers 3–4 and 5–6). The newly formed hobgoblin nation of Oprak has reached out to the Pathfinder Society in the name of diplomacy. Mindful of the aid Oprak could provide against the threat of the Whispering Tyrant, the Society has dispatched the PCs to escort a trial squad of hobgoblin recruits and run them through some in-the-field Pathfinder training. Will the Iolite Squad be the first in a new wave of Pathfinders, or are Oprak’s attempts at diplomacy doomed to go up in smoke?
Scenario tags: None

PFS 1-20: The Lost Legend by Chris Sims
For levels 3–6 (subtiers 3–4 and 5–6). The Pathfinder Society begins a perilous trek through the swamps and jungles of the Mwangi Expanse, searching for the location where the founding members of their organization formed the Open Road Pact. The clues the Pathfinders must follow are centuries old, however, and their best lead is the final logs of an ancient Pathfinder whose true fate may be markedly different than the world has been led to believe.
Scenario tags: Metaplot

PFS 1-21: Mistress of the Maze by Christen N. Sowards
For levels 5–8 (subtiers 5–6 and 7–8). Open Decemvirate member Eliza Petulengro is looking for a handful of intrepid Pathfinders to accompany her on an interdimensional journey throught the Maze of the Open Road! Eliza is traveling from the Grand Lodge in Absalom to the Woodsedge Lodge in Galt, but the Maze of the Open Road has become unstable and unpredictable in recent years. Eliza hopes that with help of her fellow Pathfinders, she can secure the road and prepare it for regular use by the Society once more.
Scenario tags: None

PFS 1-22: Doom of Cassomir by Calder CaDavid
For levels 1–4 (subtiers 1–2 and 3–4). Doom stalks the streets of Cassomir! The people of Admiral's Fen have long been doughty pioneers and sailors, but time and tribulations both natural and economic have worn down their spirits. Amid this widespread gloom and general depression, dark forces have begun pulling strings to begin a societal collapse that could take the entire city under. Venture-Captain Hestia Themis calls on her allies in the Pathfinder Society to try and help her unravel the twisting skeins of manipulation and deceit before Cassomir's final doom is assured.
Scenario tags: None

PFS 1-23: The Star-Crossed Court by Alex Riggs
For levels 3–6 (subtiers 3–4 and 5–6). On an idyllic island of the western coast of Garund, the PCs arrive at the iruxi city of Ekkeshikaar. Seeking to establish new trade relations between the lizardfolk of Ekkeshikaar and the people of Vidrian, the Pathfinder Society must navigate a delicate political landscape while thwarting the efforts of nefarious forces who seek to stop the proposed alliance by any means necessary.

PFS Quest 11: Putrid Seeds by Cass Reyfield
For levels 3–6 (subtiers 3–4 and 5–6). Geb is a nation well-known for being ruled by the undead, but many are surprised to find that it is also the primary source of exported fruits and vegetables for the nations bordering the Obari Ocean. While its zombie laborers have long and successfully tended to its fields, creating produce that is essential to Geb's political standing with its neighbors, some of these shipments haven't been making it to their intended destinations, and the Pathfinders have been asked to serve as neutral arbiters during an investigation that will take place near the docks of Geb's greatest port.
Scenario tags: None

Pathfinder Society Special PFS 1-99: The Pathfinder Trials by Sean McGowan
A Pathfinder Society Special designed for level 1.
Every year, the Pathfinder Society inducts new classes of recruits into their ranks. The three deans of the Society's schools, the Spells, Scrolls, and Swords, are responsible for ensuring that the new recruits have the basic skills and experience necessary to thrive in the field. PCs participating in this special will get to meet all three of the Society's deans and undergo their unique challenges, proving their worth and fitness to join the Pathfinder Society!
Scenario tags: Repeatable