Season Ten

Season Ten wraps up all sorts of loose ends that have been left hanging since the very first Season. Look out for familiar names and locations where you ran into trouble. Prepare for missions in the Hao Jin Tapestry, the Mwangi Expanse, Daggermark, Katapesh and Lastwall where disasters must be averted once again.

Year of the Scoured Stars

The Starfinder Society is on the brink of ruin, having had to resort of mercenaries to maintain their hold on claimed planetoids, stellar regions, and archeological sites. After training to join a new cadre of Starfinders, it is up to you as a member of the Starfinder Society to help restore the organization and discover the truth of what happened in the Scoured Stars!

Season nine year of the Factions' favour

In the pursuit of ancient secrets and unclaimed treasures, the Pathfinder Society doesn’t just make discoveries; it also makes enemies. A cast of the campaign’s greatest villains has conspired to take their revenge against the Pathfinder, bringing war to the footstep of the great city Absalom and chaos to the Inner Sea region. At last the Society’s factions have a chance to prove themselves.

Year of the Stolen Storm

During the Year of the Stolen Storm, the Pathfinder Society turns its sights to the Elemental Planes. There, agents not only recover extraordinary treasures but also embroil themselves in extraplanar politics, conflicts and conspiracies with powerful otherworldly organizations. Pathfinders face off against the many devotees of air, earth, fire, and water.

The Year of the Serpent

The year has started with a vicious outright attack on the Pathfinder Grand Lodge by the Aspis Consortium that struck right to the heart of Skyreach Tower. This outrage won't go unpunished and no one knows what the repercussion will bring. Meanwhile the time twisting powers of the Sky Key occupy the agents of the Pathfinder Society.

The Year of the Star Key

The Pathfinder Society have retrieved a strange device from an abandoned Dwarven Sky Citadel and they are trying to determine the exact extent of its powers. Meanwhile the Society is recovering from the crusade into the Worldwound and the drain on resources and Pathfinder agents. This is complicated by the recent realignment of political, idealogical and trade factions. 


All-out war has erupted on the long-contested border between the crusader nation of Mendev and the demon-infested Worldwound. The magical defences that once held the demons at bay failing and the Pathfinder Society has enlisted many of its agents to assist in the war effort, both to protect its own interests and to prevent the onrushing tide of demonic attackers from plunging the entire Inner Sea region into chaos.


Season Four was "The Year of the Risen Rune". The consequences of the Aspis Consortium's breach into the Hao Jin Tapestry are played out here, in Varisia. Their erstwhile ally, the mysterious Cult of Lissala is plotting events that may throw the lands around the Inner Sea into chaos. Meanwhile a Faction leader is in deep trouble and a controversial wedding is on the social calendar.

This was "The Year of the Ruby Phoenix Tournament". It was crucial to the Pathfinder Society to win the Ruby Phoenix tournament and the prized Hao Jin tapestry.

The adventures in this season were the first to fully utilise the Pathfinder rules. It was during this season that the Shadow Lodge rose to power.

During this season the threat from the Shadow Lodge was resolved and a new balance of power was established.

Some of these adventures from the very first series still rank as all-time favourites among Pathfinder players.