The building we are using is fully accessible and arrangements can be made for parking, etc for wheelchair users.

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 Reception    Steelhouse lounge area

We have a suite rooms and breakout areas and we limit numbers so we can fit everyone in without squeezing anyone too tightly. The rooms are air-conditioned! We have grown over nine years and so we now use the Aston restaurant area in the main building or the Steelhouse Suite in the Business Centre, as appropriate. If you are staying on-site then you only need to walk downstairs or a hundred metres across the forecourt.  Food is available on-site or you have the choice to visit two local pubs within five minutes walk or the local shops. A taxi rank is situated only 50 metres from the venue.

We know that the catering for food and drink didn't go smoothly last year and we have taken steps to ensure that it is improved this year. There will be a reasonably priced sandwich trolley and the bar in the main building will be properly staffed.

We have arranged for a sandwich trolley to come around between games between 10.00 and 5.00pm. 
Available from the trolley: a selection of meat, fish and vegetarian sandwiches and wraps £3.95, Pasta Pots £3.95, Homemade Soup Cups  £2.95, Sausage Rolls £1.95, Crisps £1.20, Chocolate bars 95p, Cans of pop 95p, Tea or Coffee £1.95.

There is a bar in the building serving drinks and bar snacks. The bar will serve food and drinks between 12.00pm and 3.00pm. Available from the bar: Mineral Cans £1.50, Pitchers of Cordial £1.00, Walkers Crisps 60p, Chocolate Bars 80p, British Banger Baguette with Fries £4.50, Burger Special with Fries Hamburger £4.50, Cheeseburger £5.00 Spicy Bean Burger, tomato salsa, guacamole £4.50, Double Fish Burger, gem lettuce, tartare sauce £4.50, Fries £1.00

Some foods may contain nut or nut oils and ingredients from GM produce; fish may contain small bones. 26.07.14 Please ask a member of staff if you have any concerns or specific dietary requirements.

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