Tickets for PaizoCon UK are still on sale due to our increased capacity in larger rooms this year.

The ticket prices are: All weekend £48. One-day ticket £20. Two-day ticket £35. (GMs get a £8 discount per game run. VC get free entry but are expected to GM or do Desk duties.)
Saturday night dinner and entertainment £15.
So you can get three days of games and the Saturday Night Dinner and entertainment for £63.

Online payment

1. The first step is to get a Warhorn “account”. It’s entirely free and there is no commitment. Here is the link to sign up.

2. Next REGISTER on the PaizoCon UK Warhorn. Then you can LOG IN and choose which days you want to attend, and whether you would like to come for the Saturday Night Dinner and entertainment. Just tick the boxes in Warhorn.

3. The third step is to PAY. You can pay through Warhorn using a PayPal account, or your credit or debit card.

4. The fourth step comes after we receive payment in full. Then we will CLEAR you to sign up for playing games slots and / or the Saturday night dinner. Take a look through the sessions and scroll down to choose your games, and indicate your character role and levels.

Choose your games

It is essential that you indicate your class, level and combat role so we can sort you into an appropriate table... otherwise we will allocate you a Pre-Generated character. 

Go to our Warhorn. This is Pathfinder Event No. 657,568.