This is our tenth PaizoCon in the UK and we believe this will be the very best PaizoCon ever! PaizoCon UK is the largest European event to focus entirely on Pathfinder Society adventures. We especially welcome players and GMs from all over Europe.

STARFINDER: Has been a raging success and now it get’s it's very first multi-table special. Grab your laser and join us on Saturday.

PATHFINDER 2: Designer, Logan Bonner will be running “The House of Ekmendi” and Tonya Woldridge will be running “The Rose Street Revenge” adventures to give you a chance to try the playtest rules for the next generation of Pathfinder.

RETIRED AND DANGEROUS: “Skeleton Moon” – this adventure was retired but it’s back to bite you and run by OPC Tonya Woldridge.

THE UK SPECIAL: “Bringing Back the Dead” –  requests for a body retrieval means something has gone very badly wrong and this time it’s up to you to get your comrades back from the scene of their demise.

SATURDAY NIGHT DINNER: A buffet dinner feast of Indian food with entertainment from “Jollyboat” and a Paizo Quiz.

Warhorn bookingTickets for PaizoCon UK are on sale now, but don’t delay because we usually sell out.

Game SlotsHere are the game slots planned for PaizoCon 2018. This schedule is provisional and subject to confirmation.