There is not enough certainty around the timeline to ensure a safe and successful in-person PaizoCon UK this year but three RVC are organizing PaizoCon Europe Online. The team will comprise Ian Hawthorne RVC Isles, Nils Janson RVC Central Europe and Benoît Gros RVC Francia, with the endorsement of Dave Harrison RVC Mediterranean and Auke Teeninga RVC Baltic. PaizoCon Europe Online is planned for 19–22 August. The game schedule will be centred around European time zones, but it will also feature an overnight block of games aimed at America-based gamers. Do you need another reason to attend PaizoCon Europe Online? Paizo are launching the new season and metaplot of the Pathfinder Society! We’ll have more information soon, including how to register as a player or GM.

The interactive specials for this year will debut at Gen Con. Pathfinder Society Year 3 will debut at PaizoCon Europe Online. More info about that can be found in the Know Direction interview Linda and Alex did last week.