PaizoCon Online


Our first ever PaizoCon Online has come to a close! Thank you all so much for a fantastic event; we’re truly blown away by the number of players and GMs we’ve had, the fan response to our panels and discussions, and the incredible support we’ve had.

A special thanks goes out to our Event Coordinators and HQ staff, without whom absolutely none of this would have been possible.
Another thanks to our Paizo Staffers who took time out of their days to hang out in AMA threads, and to our third-party panelists and GMs who brought their events to our corner of the internet. Know Direction has also been invaluable as our streaming arm, getting the news and panels to everyone and keeping us all entertained!
Brian at Warhorn gets his own line of thanks for doing an *astonishing* amount of work to help us get this thing off the ground and giving us everything we could ask for and more to make scheduling games and getting players signed up a breeze. Sorry we crashed your servers!

And finally, without our players, we wouldn’t have a PaizoCon. It’s been so incredible watching our veteran players help out brand-new converts and to see the community come together. The world is scary right now, and it’s a deeply weird time to be asking for your money and attention when there are true crises in this world that require it. But to have a community that can create such a space of escapism, of joy and of caring, that’s something special. Paizo means play, and that’s exactly what we need right now.

– AlexSpeidel – Paizo

Announcements from PaizoCon Online

Catch a summary of some of the exciting Pathfinder developments announced at PaizoCon here. Advanced Players Guide ! Beginners Box! Abomination Vaults Adventure Path! Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Adventure Path! Bestiary 3! Ancestry Guide! The Year of Corruption’s Reach!

And for Starfinder here... The Year of Exploration’s Edge! Starship Operations Manual! Starfinder Near Space! multi-table interactive SFS3-00: The Last Bite! Alien Archive 4!  3-chapter high-level Devastation Arc Adventure Path!  Fly Free or Die Adventure Path!