Conclave Online


Care Workers Emergency CharityVA, Derek Pearson says, "On behalf of John Santana and myself I would like to announce the final sum that Conclave is going to be able to give to the Careworkers Charity Emergency Fund will be £420. Obviously we would both like to thank everyone who contributed, be that by donating, running a game, or taking up one or more of the seats.
To those of you who ran or played in games we hope you enjoyed yourselves and well done for overcoming the challenges that Roll20 and Discord threw our way at times. Also a big thank you to those that spread the word for us. It was important to let as many people know as we could and you helped us with that a great deal.
So, thank you all and we both hope to see you in person when some normality has returned. Be safe and well."

Players say
"Fantastic work guys!"
"Thank you again to our organisers – the IT support was great for a Luddite like me."
"It was an excellent long weekend of online games."