Links to online resources


Here is a compilation of links to helpful online resources that will assist you with running Pathfinder 2nd edition games.

Pathfinder Society Guide to Play (2nd Edition)
This webpage is an index to the online Pathfinder Society Guide to Play (2nd Edition). 

Additional Resources for Pathfinder 2nd edition
The first set of additional resources is listed on the Paizo blog. They include options from the Core Rules Book; Lost Omens – Character Guide; Lost Omens – Gods and Magic; Lost Omens – World Guide. Link below.

Pre-generated characters for Pathfinder 2nd edition

Online Rules for Pathfinder 2nd edition
You can find the Rules and mechanics from Pathfinder 2nd edition, online at Paizo's official free resource: Archives of Nethys.

Errata for Pathfinder 2nd edition
The errata for the rules can be found in this 6-page PDF free download from Paizo.

GM Shared Prep 
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Pathfinder 2nd edition resources include:

  • A PFS2 GM Quick Reference Sheet that compiles the complex tables for calculating challenge points and how to adjust PFS adventures, DCs for each level of play, Income earned in Downtime, Treasure bundle values at each level.
  • A PDF version of the Guild Guide.
  • A flow chart to help your players create characters.
  • A summary of Training School benefits.
  • Exploration actions tent cards.

Playtest for the Advanced Players Guide
In this Playtest you’ll find four new classes set to be introduced in the Advanced Player’s Guide in July 2020. There's the new Investigator, the Oracle, the Swashbuckler and the Witch.

Hero Lab online by subscription

Hero Lab for Pathfinder 2nd edtion is now only available by subscription.

Retail Support for Pathfinder 2nd edition – summary

Spend £8 and show receipts to the event coordinator to get Primary Benefits. Spend £40 to get Enhanced versions and Additional Benefits.
Primary benefits – for all characters
Harder to Kill: Once per game, reduce your dying condition value by 1. This can prevent you from dying. Enhanced version: Reduce your dying condition value by 2.

Additional Benefits – each character chooses one
Cheaper healing: Before the end of the session reduce the cost of a single healing spell or ritual to remove a condition, affliction or death to 90%. Enhanced version: Reduce the cost to 80%.

Recover from Wounds: Once per game you can rest for 10 minutes to gain the result of a success on a trained DC15 Treat Wounds. Enhanced version: Instead gain the result of a success on a Master DC30 Treat Woundds.

Bonus Wealth: When you roll a Critical Failure on a check to Earn Income, you get the results of a Failure instead. Enhanced version: When you Fail or Critically Fail a check to Earn Income, you earn double the base amount of money from a Failure.