Pathfinder 2nd edition

Pathfinder 2nd edition is well and truly launched and the first batch of adventures has been published for Pathfinder Society along with several one-hour quests, and two Adventure Paths. It's significantly different from the Playtest and it claims to be simpler and streamlined while creating a structure where you will be able to customise your character as deeply as the original game. 

If you are looking for somewhere to try it out you may find it here:
London Weekend Pathfinders, regular future dates.
Role Play Haven – Archway London, Hell's Rebels Adventure Path in PF2, Tuesday evenings
Preston Pathfinder Lodge, regular future dates.
Manchester Lodge, regular future dates
Gloucester Lodge, regular future dates
Bristol Lodge, regular future dates
Southend and Essex Lodge, trying it out for size.
Cardiff Role Play Haven, The Grim Dark, Riverton Harvest Festival