Delegate Organised Games


Extra chunks of goodness organised and run by YOU! Top GMs do their thing. Get a slice of the action. These are not organised by PaizoCon UK but we are very happy to host them so that the gaming fun doesn't stop. These could be PFS or SFS or anything you like.

WARHORN Terry T has very kindly volunteered to set up and run a Warhorn for GMs who are looking for players and for players looking for a game. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with full details of the game you would like to GM. Or get on the Warhorn to find a game and book a seat to play. 

We have space available for your games in Conference and Events Centre based at Bournville College from 8pm until midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you want a drink while you dice then the Cambridge pub across the road allows games while you eat and drink.