Concordance faction

In Season 8 Pathfinders soared through the skies of the Plane of Air, swam through the endless oceans of the Plane of Water, embroiled themselves in genie politics on the Plane of Fire, and brought lost and forgotten secrets to light on the Plane of Earth... and ran headfirst into the plans of a group called the Concordance of Elements.

It is an ancient and diverse organization whose membership take great interest in the interplay among the primal forces of air, earth, fire, and water. They believe that the stability of the multiverse ultimately depends upon these forces—and many others—remaining in balance. Its leaders, collectively known as the Cycle of Five, spend much of their time in meditation and reflection, leaving its agents free to act with relative autonomy.

Fortunately for Pathfinders interested in gaining influence, the Society's contact in the Concordance is a direct emissary to the Cycle of Five. He is our new faction leader: Ashasar, Liaison to the Seat of Balance, a Suli druid with an airship-shaped air elemental companion and he is looking for new recruits.

If you're interested in learning more about the Concordance take a look on the Paizo blog:

If your character would like to become a part of this new initiative, keep an eye out for the faction's formal launch in early 2018. As with other faction changes, you'll be able to switch your character over to the Concordance freely without spending Prestige Points.