Spirit GamesSpirit Games have kindly agreed to come and set up a pop-up shop at PaizoCon UK during Sunday lunch break. They will bring their stock of Pathfinder materal and as much supporting material and accessories as they can cram in the van. Phil is a lifetime dedicated games shop entrepreneur with a bricks and mortar shop in Burton on Trent. He'll bring a good selection but if there is something special you are interested in then let him know in advance. This is a great chance to save on postal charges.

Pathfinder 2 launches the day before PaizoCon UK – August 1st. You may pre-order and pick up your copy from your friendly local gaming store (especially those that support us with being an Organised Play venue) before you arrive, but if you don’t have a games shop close by you can buy it from Spirit Games who will have a pop-up shop during Sunday lunchtime at PaizoCon UK. They will be bringing the 2nd Edition Core Rules, Special Edition Core Rules, the new Bestiary, Characters Sheets and Combat pads. All at 10% off. And this is a great chance to save on postal charges.

If you want to be sure of your copy you could order it in advance from Phil at Spirit Games and he can bring it along to save you postage. Call Phil on 01283 511293 and ask him to bring along your Pathfinder goodies, or order on https://www.spiritgames.co.uk


2nd Edition Pathfinder at 10% off

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