Jollyboat (real-life brothers Tommy and Ed) are the UK’s top comedy-pirate-geek-rock duo. They write catchy comedy songs packed with one-liners and puns worthy of Tim Vine. When they were teenagers, they wanted to write a pirate point-n-click adventure game like “The Secret of Monkey Island”. They never finished it, but they DID write the soundtrack a medley of pirate-themed pop songs which became an instant hit and kickstarted this accidental career as comedy pirate brothers.

Their surprise success led to them touring conventions, comedy clubs and festivals around the world. They wrote many more comedy songs about the geeky things they love: D&D, Batman, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and so many more. They clearly have a lot of fun on stage, and it's highly infectious!

Jollyboat have performed at Edinburgh Fringe and Glastonbury Festival, won the Musical Comedy Awards in London, and toured Europe & Australia. This is a live comedy show unlike anything you've seen before.

Our Origin Story

Once upon a time, there were two handsome brothers named Tommy and Ed, who played songs – mostly boring songs about girls.
One day, inspired by the cult-comedy Amiga game ‘The Secret of Monkey Island’, they wrote a collection of pirate-themed parodies of pop songs. When they're not touring they write songs, play board games, and live happily ever after.

Tommy: the brainy one

(As written by Ed.) Tommy is my hyper-intelligent brother.

He is a technology genius: He made his own instrument out of a computer keyboard, he coded our slideshow program, and he even made a program which can write comedy songs by itself. Tommy is also the ‘jokes’ guy. He loves jokes. If there's a clever joke in our show, he wrote it. He loves to study languages, which is possibly the geekiest thing I ever nerd of. If you ever get him in a conversation, ask him the etymology of any word – it's fun trying to catch him out.

Ed: the emotional one

(As written by Tommy.) Ed is naturally lucky and charismatic and everybody likes him. It's annoying.

He is massively geeky about games – playing games, making games, learning about game design theory. He loves tabletop roleplaying games, and designed our show Roleplay Cabaret, which is a live, interactive roleplaying show. He's crazy about ghost stories and horror theory, and he's really into gender equality – proudly feminist, and big on human rights.