Monday 10 October marked the fifth anniversary of the Pathfinder Lodge in Chester. Venture Lieutenant Ian Hawthorne came down to help Venture Agent Matt Lewis celebrate with special chronicle sheets and a competition to win a donated Grippli Boon. That historic evening in 2011 was the date of the character creation and the first outing for local adventurers “In Service to Lore”. It’s a continuing success story, rocking every Monday evening. That small group has grown and grown so that it now regularly runs 3 tables of Pathfinder Society adventures under the umbrella of the Chester Games Club. Matt Lewis is the Venture Agent and inspiration for the group and he is ably assisted by a vibrant group of GMs: Michael Gallagher, Helen Yau, Liam Mooney, and ‘Teflon Billy’. We look forward to the next 5 years of adventuring.

Chester GMs

Is this a record?

Helen Yau ran her one hundreth game of Pathfinder Society on 10 October and she gains a 4-Star GM rating. Quite an achievement in itself but what is so remarkable is that Helen only got her first GM star on 27 June. So that makes 90 games she has run in 104 days! Is that a record? Helen runs Pathfinder games at the Chester Pathfinder Lodge at games conventions and over the internet on "Roll20".

 Helen Yau