Bookings now open on Warhorn.

We want you to get the very best out of the Pathfinder Society adventures at UK Games Expo and have a reasonable level of challenge, so it’s important to let us know the Class and Level of your character. It will also help other players to see if a Class or Combat Role is missing from your party and so they can step in and fill it themselves. GMs will be able to take a look and plan for the probable party level.

Please log in to your UK Games Expo account as soon as you can. Find the Pathfinder games you are playing and the “Additional Information” tab. Add your ClassCombat Role and Level. (You can update this later if you go up Levels.) But don’t worry if you don't have an existing Pathfinder Society character. We will provide you with a Pre generated character so you can just sit down and play.

Take a look at these screenshots to see what you can do.

Additional Information… that might save your character’s life!

If you have booked to play or run Pathfinder games at UK Games Expo you can use the enhanced booking system to see how your party of characters is shaping up.

It’s easy. Log in with your Username and Password. You will see a screen listing the games you are running or Playing. Click on the “Additional Information” tab. Use the drop down menus to enter your character Level, Class and Combat Role. Save the info for each game, one-by-one, or it will be lost.

Player information input

You can click on the title of the game to see what the other players have entered. (Some players may still be dithering but we’ll nudge them closer to the event.) Please set a good example by entering your character’s details. It can be updated later.

Other Players information

GMs can select the “Umpire or GM” tab and click on the title of the game they are running to see what character are playing on their table.

Information for GMs