Dragonmeet will be running at the Novotel, Hammersmith, London W6 8DR from 9am until midnight on Saturday 1 December.


Do come and join us for a Pathfinder or a Starfinder game. The organiser has allowed us to use Warhorn prebooking system for some of the seats of Pathfinder and Starfinder games at Dragonmeet because some players travel a long way to play a specific game. When pre-booking closes we will prepare table lists and sign-up sheets for the remaining places. At least two places on every table will be vacant for on-the-day sign-ups.

Dragonmeet is the largest games convention of it’s kind in London. The day is jam-packed with new and old games to play, industry panels, book signings, art show, bring & buy, cosplay events, lots of new traders and tournaments. You can tour the trade hall but save some time to play Pathfinder and Starfinder adventures! We expect to be running around 20 games over three games slot and they go on until late.

Dragonmeet website.


The Pathfinder Society and Starfinder schedule is now on Warhorn. We just need a couple more GMs for the evening slot. Games are as follows:

Morning 9:30 am start

1 PFS 10-01: Oathbreakers Die For levels 1-5 GM Wayne Stubbs
2 PFS 0-08: Slave Pits of Absalom For levels 1-5 GM Karl Burkhardt
3 PFS 10–06: Treason’s Chains For levels 1-5 GM Nicholas Impey
4 PFS 10-02: Bones of Biting Ants For levels 3-7 Phil Lucas 
5 PFS 9-10: Signs in Senghor For levels 1–5 GM Joonas Frösén
6 PLAYTEST: Raiders of Shrieking Peak For level 5 Pregens GM Julius Foxton
7 SFS 1-22: The Protectorate Petition For levels 1-4 Michael Kamine 
8 SFS 1-12: Ashes of Discovery For levels 1-4 GM William Cheung

Afternoon 3pm start

Season of the Ten1 PFS 9-12: Shrine of the Sacred Tempest For levels 1-5 GM Dominic Patmore
2 PFS 9-17: Oath of the Overwatched For levels 5-9 GM Matt Wrycraft
3 PFS 10–06: Treason’s Chains For levels 1-5 GM Mark Price
4 PFS 10-05: Mysteries Under Moonlight, Part 1: Testament of Souls For levels 3-7 Phil Lucas 
5 PFS 9-22: Grotto of the Deluged God For levels 1-5 GM Ian Hawthorne
6 SFS 1-20: Duskmire Accord 9 For levels 1-4 Chirag Asnani 
7 SFS 1-24: Siege of Enlightenment for levels 1-4 GM Andrew Hicks
8 SFS 1-21: Yesteryear's Sorrow For levels 3-6 GM David Williamson

Evening 8pm official start. (Let's kick off early if possible)

1 PFS 10–07: Mysteries Under Moonlight, Part 2: The Howling Dance For levels 3-7 GM Matt Wrycraft 
2 PFS 8-22: Wrath of the Fleshwarped Queen For levels 1-5 GM Dominic Patmore
3 SFS 1-24: Siege of Enlightenment For levels 1-4 No GM yet?
4 SFS 1-25: The Beacon Code Dilemma For levels 3-6 No GM yet?

The PFS Event number is: 2689866.

Dragonmeet 2016