SPECIAL: Year of the Shadow LodgeOn Sunday 21 October, the Bristol Lodge, in close association with our Gloucester colleagues, will be presenting the Special from Season 2: Year of the Shadow Lodge! The event will be hosted at the Gala Club, Gloucester GL2 9DZ, which is incredibly accessible from the motorway, has plenty of parking space and there is even a bar for smug passengers ;)

Most of us are far too new to Organised Play to have had a crack at this Special, so mark your calendar and come along to experience a slice of PFS history. If you missed out on this the first time round for whatever reason, this is the perfect opportunity to relive a formative event in PFS history. If you've played it already, or are on the hunt for that elusive 5th Star, we are happily accepting volunteers to GM too!

It would be great to see you there for this one-day, Special-only event.