This is our tenth PaizoCon in the UK and we believe this will be the very best PaizoCon ever! PaizoCon UK is the largest European event to focus entirely on Pathfinder Society adventures. We especially welcome players and GMs from all over Europe.

STARFINDER: Has been a raging success and now it get’s it's very first multi-table special. Grab your laser and join us on Saturday.

PATHFINDER 2: Designer, Logan Bonner will be running “The House of Ekmendi” and Tonya Woldridge will be running “The Rose Street Revenge” adventures to give you a chance to try the playtest rules for the next generation of Pathfinder.

RETIRED AND DANGEROUS: “Skeleton Moon” – this adventure was retired but it’s back to bite you and run by OPC Tonya Woldridge.

THE UK SPECIAL: “Bringing Back the Dead” –  requests for a body retrieval means something has gone very badly wrong and this time it’s up to you to get your comrades back from the scene of their demise.

SATURDAY NIGHT DINNER: A buffet dinner feast of Indian food with entertainment from “Jollyboat” and a Paizo Quiz.

Warhorn bookingTickets for PaizoCon UK are on sale now, but don’t delay because we usually sell out.

Game SlotsHere are the game slots planned for PaizoCon 2018. This schedule is provisional and subject to confirmation.

Aston Conference CentrePaizoCon UK 2018 will be held in the Aston Conference Centre, Aston Triangle, Birmingham B4 7ET. 19–22 July 2018.

sackofpotatoes-sign-94There are pubs, supermarket, coffee shops, takeaways and taxis within five minutes walk from the venue.

Accommodation on-siteThe accommodation in the Aston Conference Centre is negotiated at a special rate for PaizoCon attendees.

Accommodation off-siteThere are many B&Bs and Hotels a short walk from the games. Choose one that's comfortable for you and your budget.

TravelPaizoCon UK's central location and Birmingham airport makes it a pretty easy destination for most people.

Location mapThese maps may be helpful when you plan your journey to PaizoCon UK. They show the location of the venue.

Logan Bonner

Logan Bonner designs games for a living! His main gig is as a Designer at Paizo, working primarily on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game line while also contributing to Starfinder’s Core Rulebook. Most recently, he had a major role in shaping the Pathfinder Playtest for the upcoming second edition of the game.

Tonya Woldridge

Tonya Woldridge is the Paizo Organized Play Manager. She is a 5-star, 1-nova GM and she previously served as Venture Captain of Ontario, Canada, and Venture Lieutenant of the UK. She is here to run a sneak peek at Pathfinder Society adventure "Rose Street Revenge", as part of the Pathfinder Playtest.

Eva Widermann

You'll recognise Eva's work from her many Pathfinder illustrations. She is famous for her wonderful character visualisations.

Sara Otterstätter

Sara has carried out some truly beautiful commissions for "The Reign of Winter", "Jade Regent" and "Animal Archive". Come and meet her at PaizoCon UK.

The UK Special adventure

Bringing back the dead  A request for body retrieval means a mission has been a disaster and it’s YOUR turn to clean up the mess.

Starfinder Special

Don’t miss this opportunity to play in the very first Starfinder Society interactive special: Starfinder Society 1-99: “The Scoured Stars Invasion”.

Playtest demo

This is your chance to try the playtest rules for the next version of Pathfinder. Logan Bonner and Tonya Woldridge are both running extended playtest adventures.

Retired and dangerous

Your chance to play “Skeleton Moon”, a classic retired adventures for credit. GM’d by Worldwide Organised Play Coordinator, Tonya Woldridge.

Saturday Night Shenanigans

Join us for an Indian buffet dinner at Conference Aston with entertainment from “Jollyboat” and a specially written Paizo Quiz from Tonya.


Jollyboat is the UK’s top comedy-pirate-geek-rock duo. They tour conventions, comedy clubs and festivals around the world. Tonight they arrrr with us!

Spirit Games

Spirit Games have kindly agreed to come and set up a pop-up shop at PaizoCon UK during Sunday lunch break. Save postage, come and buy.