28–29 September, Alexandra Palace, Wood Green, London N22 7AY

Tabletop Gaming Live will be the first chance in London for fans in the UK to see and play many of the exciting new RPGs, board games, card games and miniatures launched at GenCon in the US just one month before, and steal an early peek at releases due out at Essen, Germany, later in the year. With hundreds of exhibitors, including the biggest games publishers, studios and retailers in the UK, there will be lots of classic titles to see and buy, plus the chance to discover new favourites.

The Sandstone Secret Dreaming the FutureWe have a great team of GMs running demos of Pathfinder 2nd edition. Why not give it a whirl?  You can sit right down and play “The Sandstone Secret” one-hour quest to see what you think of the new rules. And if you want to try Starfinder we are running “Dreaming the Future” – a series one-hour quests that are perfect for picking up the rules or just for fun. Come and drop into a game, or two. We will be playing throughout the weekend show and running a Saturday morning seminar on Organised Play.  PFS event: 2696157

Call of Cthulhu, HeroQuest and RuneQuest sessions will also be running during the entire event, with longer sessions of approximately three to four hours. Multiple sessions will be held each day.

Among the companies exhibiting on the show floor will be Fantasy Flight Games, Catan Studio, Days of Wonder, Z-Man Games, Cubicle 7, PlayFusion, Thames & Kosmos, Osprey, Mantic, Warcradle Studios, GCT Studios, Tactic Games, Warbanner, Anvil Industry and Rubicon Models, not to mention loads of retailers, artists, designers and many, many more, such as Wayland Games, Zatu Games, GamesQuest, Battle Foam, Firestorm Cards, Leisure Games and Ralph Horsley. That means that some of the creators behind games from X-Wing, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Catan, Android: Netrunner, The Walking Dead: All Out War, Bushido, Dystopian Wars, Arkham Horror and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying to The One Ring Roleplaying Game, Lightseekers, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar RPG, Kings of War, Dungeon Saga, Exit: The Game, Frostgrave and Wild West Exodus will all be at the show, as well as artists from Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Hearthstone, Warhammer and more.

28–29 September 2019, Alexandra Palace, London N22 7AY. 
By car and FREE parking. (Sat Nav-N22 7AY)
Or, Wood Green Underground Station (Piccadilly line) and a W3 bus.
Or, Alexandra Palace Rail Station and a short walk or shuttle bus up the hill.

For the lowest prices book your tickets here in advance. The Tabletop Gaming LIVE website.

Tabletop Gaming LIVE


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