Games in the garden with Swiss sunshine, beer and swimming pool!
PaizoCon Europe 2022
PaizoCon Europe is back this summer, 18–21 August! There will be an in-person event in Switzerland, accompanied by a larger online event. Games will be offered in multiple languages at both events to accommodate the international community. Tickets to the online event are €10, and all proceeds will be divided between three charities chosen by the organizers: Alzheimer's Research UK, Association Suisse du Mimosa du Bonheurand, and Stiftung Deutsche Krebshilfe. GMs can volunteer and sign up right now.

Shadow Con

ShadowCon will be back to in-person games from 27–28 August and FREE! Thanks to those who participated online in 2020 and 2021, this year ShadowCon will be held entirely at the Northfields Community Centre. Games details will be published as they become available, with booking through Warhorn as usual. You can register right now – it's FREE this year.
Looking forward to seeing everyone over the August Bank Holiday.

Conclave, Southend 24–25 September, Skylark Hotel. This leading face-to-face Pathfinder Lodge is going to make Southend rock with games! Come and join in the fun. There is something for everyone. Pathfinder Society 2nd edition games... Pathfinder 1st edition Society games...  Starfinder.  You can register and buy a ticket on Warhorn right now. (Half of the tickets sold within 24 hours!) Game are available for booking your seat.

ConDensed, 18–21 November at Billing Aquadome, Northampton.

Condensed is a whole weekend of gaming taking place at Billing Aquadrome near Northampton. We expect to see some Pathfinder and Starfinder games listed on Warhorn and there will be a huge variety of other roleplaying games.  There is also a library of boardgames you are welcome to use. Previous experience suggests that Warhorn is used for the majority of organised play campaigns. Most of the indie games prefer to do their sign ups at the event.

Congratulations are in order for the UK's new Venture Captains and Venture Agents. Their names will be familiar to most of you from their organisation and support for many conventions, clubs and online events of many years. They are Terry T who now supports games and events in the Midlands area and Michael Kamine who supports games and events in the South of England. Phil Lucas is your new Venture Agent for Kent. John Santana is your new Venture Agent for Southend. If you need to contact them you can find their details in the "Contact Us" section. You will be seeing even more of them in the future.

ConTingency was an amazing success – far greater than any of us imagined – with well over 400 people widely spread over spaced out tables and lodges, having a wonderful time together. It was a very uplifting start to 2022 to be able to see old friends again and entertain each other with some wonderful games. Of course Pathfinder 1 & 2 and Starfinder were there, but the big attraction was the chance to try out new games.

Huge credit must got to the Wyrd Sisters: Carol, Chris and Fil, who had achieved the miracle of getting us back together. It's not insignificant that they have raised £7,800 for charity in the process!