PaizoCon UK 2019


Join us for three days of gaming goodness for just £45. There is plenty of reasonably priced accommodation, parking and fab food close by. If you only go to one Pathfinder event a year – this is the one. We are very excited about the new venue! PaizoCon UK is the largest European event to focus entirely on Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society adventures. We are honoured to have players and GMs from all over Europe.

This year at PaizoCon UK, things are drawing to an epic conclusion. The Siege of Gallowspire finale for Season 10 – "The Year of the Ten" – will be played out, right here, for death or glory, or both! Endings are also new beginnings as Pathfinder continues to evolve and Starfinders boldly go forward with the Fate of the Scoured God multi-table spectacular.  

PaizoCon UK is your chance to play the very latest adventures for Starfinder and Pathfinder, as they are released; to catch up on some you may have missed and to meet up with friends and comrades you may have adventured with in past years. On Friday we return to a past favourite – Jimmy’s Spices for a Fusion Food Feast – all you can eat.

We will make new players especially welcome and we have a selection of Pre-Generated characters so you can just sit down and play. 

Booking on Warhorn

Tickets for PaizoCon UK are now on sale. Don’t delay because we often sell out.

PaizoCon UK 2019 will be held at the Conference and Events Centre based at Bournville College, 1 Longbridge Lane, Longbridge B31 2AJ.

Premier Inn

There is a Premier Inn right across the road from Bournville College. They serve breakfast in the adjoining Beefeater.

There are supermarkets, a pub, coffee shops, takeaways and taxis within five minutes walk from the venue.

PaizoCon UK's central location and Birmingham airport makes it a pretty easy destination for most people.

Location map

These maps may be helpful when you plan your journey to PaizoCon UK. They show the location of the venue.


Here are the game slots planned for PaizoCon 2019. This schedule is provisional and subject to confirmation.

Delegate Organised Games

Extra chunks of goodness organised and run by YOU! Top GMs do their thing. Get a slice of the action.

Siege of Gallowspire

Pathfinder tenth season comes to a climax in this special multi-table event "Siege of Gallowspire".

Starfinder Special

Don’t miss this opportunity to play in the Starfinder Society interactive special: SFS 2-00 "Fate of the Scoured God".

Jimmy's Spices

This year PaizoCon UK Friday Night is celebrated with a fusion feast at the Jimmy Spices World Buffet. 

Cadbury's World nearby

Cadbury’s World is just a short distance from our convention site. Why not drop in on the way home.

Spirit Games

Spirit Games have kindly agreed to come and set up a pop-up shop at PaizoCon UK during Sunday lunch break. Save postage, come and buy at 10% off everything.