Virtually Expo


Undaunted by the crisis – UK Games Expo will run online as Virtually Expo. There will be online games, seminars and entertainment and it’s has never been so cheap to attend. The call is out for GMs who would like to run our scheduled online games. Here is a quick summary of how to pick a game and sign up via Discord.

PaizoCon Francia

PaizoCon Francia, 13–16 August 2020, Thônex, Switzerland – a truly international convention – all outdoors. Expect – Pathfinder 2e, Starfinder and some Pathfinder 1e games. Players from many different countries. Laid back gaming at a small, informal convention. Saturday Evening Banquet. Multi-table Specials. Local craft beer. Swimming pool. Gorgeous sunshine (we hope)! Open for registration. WarhornWebsite

PaizoCon Online

Our first ever PaizoCon Online has come to a close! Catch a summary of some of the exciting Pathfinder developments announced at PaizoCon here. Advanced Players Guide ! Beginners Box! Adventure Paths! Bestiary 3! Ancestry Guide! New Season! And for Starfinder here... New Season! Starship Operations Manual! Near Space! Specials! Alien Archive 4! Adventure Paths!  

Conclave Online

VA, Derek Pearson says, "On behalf of John Santana and myself I would like to announce the final sum that Conclave is going to be able to give to the Careworkers Charity Emergency Fund will be £420. Obviously we would both like to thank everyone who contributed, be that by donating, running a game, or taking up one or more of the seats. ...