UK Games Expo 2021

UK Games Expo will be going ahead this year from 30 July –1 August. But because of restrictions and the closure of the Hilton Hotel, the space available for RPGs will be limited, and because of that we won’t have the usual multi-table organised presence we have had in previous years. So here is the plan for running Pathfinder/Starfinder RPGs at the event.

You are still invited to run – but you’re free to choose and submit your own UKGE event directly to their website (John Dodd is your contact). Ian Hawthorne, your RVC, is happy to mark the event as a Premier+ event (meaning you’ll get extra ACPs) but you’ll be reporting your own game (or he can do it for you) against a special event number. When you have submitted your game to UK Games Expo and had your PFS/SFS game approved, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he will let you know the reporting procedure.

Hopefully next year we can ALL gather in person. Until then, have fun all who attend. Stay safe and stay well.

PaizoCon Online Europe 2021

Government information giving guidance about reopenings has come too late to organize a safe and successful in-person PaizoCon UK this year but three RVC are organizing PaizoCon Europe Online. The team will comprise Ian Hawthorne RVC Isles, Nils Janson RVC Central Europe and Benoît Gros RVC Francia. PaizoCon Europe Online is planned for 19–22 August. The game schedule will be centred around convenient European time zones, but it will also include an overnight block of games to include America-based gamers. Paizo are launching the new season and metaplot of the Pathfinder Society at this event. So come and join us for the launch of that campaign! We’ll have more information soon, including how to register as a player or GM.

The interactive specials for this year will debut later at Gen Con. More info about that can be found in the Know Direction interview Linda and Alex did recently.