The Scarab Sages

The Scarab Sages replaced the old Osirion faction. The premise was pretty simple: recover a host of gemstone artifacts that store the memories of long-dead sages, recruit strong minds to host these memories, and revive the ancient order of Jeweled Sages. Now their mission moves towards a decisive outcome. How it ends entirely depends on you.

Concordance faction

In Season 8 Pathfinders soared through the skies of the Plane of Air, swam through the endless oceans of the Plane of Water, embroiled themselves in genie politics on the Plane of Fire, and brought lost and forgotten secrets to light on the Plane of Earth... and ran headfirst into the plans of a group called the Concordance of Elements. Now they are allies and they are recruiting!

Get that cantina feel in your Starfinder game. Why play human when you can be a bug-eyed monster? GM boons and Player Alien Archive boons are coming! At game conventions, Starfinder GM boons will offer alternative alien races that you can play. They will be spread according to where the game takes place in the real world. 

Starfinder in the UK

After Starfinder rules sold-out in most games shops, Starfinder hit the games conventions and the local clubs in a big way this Autumn. You will find it played and demonstrated at most of the games conventions and local games groups in the UK. The Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild is a worldwide science fantasy campaign.