20–24 January 2021 online this year.

Usually Contingency brings five days of fun and games to Hunstanton, Norfolk but in 2020 pestilence swept the land and fun events like conventions had to be cancelled for the sake of safety and good health. However, the Wyrdsisters Games CIC refuse to allow a little thing like a pandemic stopping us from having fun so, for this year only, Contingency is moving online so you can still enjoy some gaming.

ConTingency is far more than just a Pathfinder / Starfinder Event – it’s something for the broader gaming community. There will be a huge variety of online role-playing games and there are Pathfinder and Starfinder adventures in the plan, too. The call is out for GMs.   Website

WarhornCheckout our Warhorn to see what is on offer so far.   

It will come as no surprise to hear London Dragonmeet is running online this year. It runs throughout Saturday 5 December. We are proud to say, some of our most scintillating GMs have stepped up to run a few games online. We have some great full length games but in particular we are offering shorter adventures called Bounties which kick right into the action without any fuss and bother about admin and preambles. These are perfect if you would like to dip your toe in the Marmite pot of Pathfinder 2nd edition. We also have a nice straightforward Starfinder adventure that could be a perfect first game, PLUS a Skittermander Special!

Throughout "Rolling in the Isles", Pathfinders hacked their way into the Mwangi, fought fey, juggled with jesters and delved into cursed pyramids. Starfinders braved the depth of space and fought deadly battles in the vaccuum. Twitch TV brought us together in a massive Special. A favourite retired adventure was brought back to bloody life. Now, “Rolling in the Isles” may be over but don’t be downhearted. We have lots more adventures lined up.