Tickets for PaizoCon UK 2016 have now all been sold. If you would like to put your name on a "Waiting List" for any cancellations please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you have already booked your entry ticket, don't forget to book a ticket to the Friday Night Fusion Feast. There are still a few dinner tickets left and it's pre-booking only. If you have already booked to play at PaizoCon UK, please make sure you add your character's Level, Class and Combat Role to Warhorn so we can seat you on a suitable table. We are making table plans right now, so the sooner you do so the better the chance of a good seat.

You can find all you want to know about PaizoConUK here

UK Games Expo 2016

Now in its 10th Year, UK Games Expo (UKGE) is the largest games convention in the UK. The Pathfinder team has always been proud to play a part in it. You can find all Pathfinder games in the Colonial Suite of the Hilton Metropole Hotel. Look out for the pop-up banners outside the doors. There are still a few spaces left in some Pathfinder games.

UK Games Expo is a bit different this year. If you have pre-booked you can collect your pack of Entry Ticket and any Event Tickets from Hall 1 of the NEC. (Bring your UKGE customer page confirmation OR PayPal receipt OR name and email address). The Main Ticketing desk is open THURSDAY Noon – 8pm. FRIDAY 8.30am – 5pm SATURDAY 8.30am – 5pm. SUNDAY 8.30am – 4pm.

From Friday onwards, an Event Desk will be open at the Hilton Hotel Library Room from 9am – 8pm for buying event tickets. From 6pm – 8pm you will also be able to collect pre-ordered tickets.

If you want to play an existing Pathfinder Society character please make sure you have added the Class and Level Additional Information to your games on your UK Games Expo customer page.

Don't miss our “Pathfinder Special – A Taste of The Blight” on Saturday Night. It’s the UK preview of Richard Pett's crooked city "The Blight". It will offer Players and GMs a first chance to try adventuring in this nightmare city. Pregens will be provided and new players are welcome.

We want you to get the very best out of the Pathfinder Society adventures at UK Games Expo and have a reasonable level of challenge, so it’s important to let us know the Class and Level of your character. It will also help other players to see if a Class or Combat Role is missing from your party so they can step in and fill it themselves. GMs will be able to take a look and plan for the probable party level.

Please log in to your UK Games Expo account as soon as you can. Find the Pathfinder games you are playing and the “Additional Information” tab. Add your ClassCombat Role and Level. (You can update this later if you go up Levels.) But don’t worry if you don't have an existing Pathfinder Society character. We will provide you with a Pre generated character so you can just sit down and play.

Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can do.

Conception main hall - just like always.Conception main hall - just like always.

With heroic efforts from the organisers, Conception ran very close to its normal format, inspite of being split over two sites. If you booked your Pathfinder games in advance through our Warhorn you could find your Lodge game or drive to the alternative site knowing the time, place and GM. Anyone who didn't organise their games in advance could come to the sign-up board and find any empty places with help from Paul James and our Pathfinder Help Desk. The photo tells the story... lots of happy gamers getting on with enjoying a great convention. Well done team!

The Blight

Richard Pett launches "The Blight" project. If you like the dark humour and the twisted plots that are trademark of the writer of "We Be Goblins", "Carrion Hill" and "Crooked" then take a look at this monster.

Chris Brockley Blatt

There is some wonderful news for England! We have a new Venture Captain. Chris Brockley Blatt has been promoted to the role and no one will doubt that she deserves it.


I have just finished the counting – this 3XP we have raised an amazing £1293.27. You guys are seriously awesome!