It’s been a tough year but are we downhearted? Absolutely not! Here comes our Isles event to rally the troops. Whether you are a Pathfinder 2 person, a Starfinder hot-shot, or still loving Pathfinder Original – we have adventures for you. Rolling in the Isles will take place online throughout Sunday 11 October. It will start at 12 noon and run until 11pm (GMT +1). Player Registration is now open in readiness for choosing your games! Warhorn.

Isles RegionIsles Region Players

We are going to open player sign-ups on Warhorn for individual games at 7pm on Friday 18 September, to give all Isles Region players an equal chance to choose their games. (The Isles Region is made up of players who live or work in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England.) Players from other Regions are cordially invited to fill any spaces after Friday 25 September.

See you all soon – Rolling in the Isles Team (Douglas, Ian, Rob, William)

You Tube from GenCon

You can now catch some of the updates that were released at GenCon on YouTube. These were initially transmitted on Twitch but lots of you were busy playing. No need to miss them – they are now available on YouTube for anyone who wants to find out what is planned for the year ahead.

PaizoCon Francia

PaizoCon Francia, 13–16 August 2020, Thônex, Switzerland – a truly international convention – all outdoors. Expect – Pathfinder 2e, Starfinder and some Pathfinder 1e games. Players from many different countries. Laid back gaming at a small, informal convention. Saturday Evening Banquet. Multi-table Specials. Local craft beer. Swimming pool. Gorgeous sunshine (we hope)! Open for registration. WarhornWebsite