PaizoCon Online 2021

Paizo have announced another PaizoCon Online event running from Friday 28 until Monday 31 May. That’s four days of Paizo games and events, featuring:

  • Easy-to-join online games for beginners and veterans
  • Nightly live-streamed Pathfinder & Starfinder celebrity games
  • Pathfinder Beginner Box Games
  • Three brand-new Starfinder Society scenarios
  • Launch of Starfinder Society Year 4
  • Two brand-new Pathfinder Society scenarios
  • Demo games starting every hour
  • More than 70 games on offer between Starfinder and both Pathfinder editions
  • Multi-table celebration event for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Society
  • Seminars and interviews featuring Paizo designers and creators
  • Convention Discord hub to interact with other attendees
  • Giveaways on the PaizoCon Discord channel
  • And more!

Link to Paizo's blog

Right from the start we have said that we will follow the recommendations of the Government with regards to the current epidemic. This is a national effort and it is our best hope of beating the epidemic. We are proud to say our players and GMs are doing their bit. We have some older players and many younger ones with underlying health issues that make them vulnerable and we take that very seriously.

From 16 March 2020, all UK clubs and groups where Pathfinder and Starfinder are played, closed for face-to-face gaming. All around the UK our players are doing their best to beat this virus.

We will bounce back

Don’t be downhearted. We will get through this, and we shall return with renewed vigour as soon as possible!

tarrasque online 350How about trying online play?

In the meantime, many of our GMs are offering games online. Why not give it a go? 
The kind and helpful Mr Tarrasque has a blog which walks you gently through the intricacies of setting-up and playing online. You can see his YouTube video showing you how to set up a Starfinder Roll20 table right here.
A whole bunch of GMs are running adventures in EU friendly time zones from here on The Island: The Island Warhorn  
You can also find lots Pathfinder advertised on the online discord here: 
For Starfinder online games look here. 
or at Cosmic Crittermanders
Midlands Pathfinder Society have set up their own discord server for people who usually play face-to-face in the Midlands (but anyone is welcome). It’s perfect for people who are looking to play with other gamers who they usually meet at local and convention events in the UK. Games are run at UK-friendly times. 
The Cambridge Lodge has it' s own discord server and invites you to join them and hang out with other members. Invitation to join
Check out your local club’s Warhorn. Lots of them have shifted to online games.


20–24 January 2021 online this year.

Usually Contingency brings five days of fun and games to Hunstanton, Norfolk but in 2020 pestilence swept the land and fun events like conventions had to be cancelled for the sake of safety and good health. However, the Wyrdsisters Games CIC refuse to allow a little thing like a pandemic stopping us from having fun so, for this year only, Contingency is moving online so you can still enjoy some gaming.

ConTingency is far more than just a Pathfinder / Starfinder Event – it’s something for the broader gaming community. There will be a huge variety of online role-playing games and there are Pathfinder and Starfinder adventures in the plan, too. The call is out for GMs.   Website

WarhornCheckout our Warhorn to see what is on offer so far.