It will come as no surprise to hear London Dragonmeet is running online this year. It runs throughout Saturday 5 December. We are proud to say, some of our most scintillating GMs have stepped up to run a few games online. We have some great full length games but in particular we are offering shorter adventures called Bounties which kick right into the action without any fuss and bother about admin and preambles. These are perfect if you would like to dip your toe in the Marmite pot of Pathfinder 2nd edition. We also have a nice straightforward Starfinder adventure that could be a perfect first game, PLUS a Skittermander Special!

Please spread the word, especially if you know someone who has been aching to give Pathfinder or Starfinder a try. These are world-class GMs running for FREE! Don't miss it.

And we have three of the most popular adventures – EVER – from Pathfinder 1st edition.

WarhornYou'll find a link to our Warhorn from the Dragonmeet website (or directly here). But Dragonmeet isn’t just about Pathfinder and Starfinder. Take a look around while you’re there and perhaps there is something else to tempt you online.

Morning 9:00am start, Saturday 5 December
Pathfinder 1st edition
PFS 3-18: The God’s Market Gamble for levels 1-5 GM: Chris Brockley Blatt Table 1
PFS 7-21: Sun Orchid Scheme for levels 1-5. GM: Carol Tierney Table 2
Pathfinder 2nd edition
PF2 Bounty #1: The Whitefang Wyrm for level 1. GM: Julius Foxton Table 3
PF2 Bounty #3: Shadows and Scarecrows for level 1. GM: Chris Manning Table 4
PF2 Bounty #4: Cat’s Cradle for level 1. GM: Olivier Brochet Table 5
SFS 3-09: Frozen Ambitions: Freeing the Herd for levels 1-4. GM: Joonas Frösen Table 6

Afternoon 3:00pm start, Saturday 5 December
Pathfinder 2nd edition
PF2 Bounty #2: Blood of the Beautiful for level 1. GM: Julius Foxton Table 1
PF2 Bounty #3: Shadows and Scarecrows for level 1. GM: Chris Manning Table 2
SFS FREE RPG DAY: Skitter Home for four 4th-level skittermander. GM: Michael Kamine Table 3 

Evening 8:00pm start, Saturday 5 December
Pathfinder 1st edition
PFS 8-22: Wrath of the Fleshwarped Queen for levels 1-5 GM: Will Cheung Table 1
Pathfinder 2nd edition
PF2 Bounty #3: Shadows and Scarecrows for level 1. GM: Julius Foxton Table 2
SFS 3-02: Subterranean Safari for level 3-6. GM: Joonas Frösen Table 3 

Throughout "Rolling in the Isles", Pathfinders hacked their way into the Mwangi, fought fey, juggled with jesters and delved into cursed pyramids. Starfinders braved the depth of space and fought deadly battles in the vaccuum. Twitch TV brought us together in a massive Special. A favourite retired adventure was brought back to bloody life. Now, “Rolling in the Isles” may be over but don’t be downhearted. We have lots more adventures lined up. 

Isles Region

Dragonmeet 2020 Online 5 December

Moving online with a limited number of games and some links to their usual traders. (Back next year in an expanded form.) We are currently calling for GMs and submitting games. 

Winter is coming... so is ConTingency

Watch out for announcements about an online version of ConTingency. Facebook.

ConClave 5–7 March 2021 online

Derek and John will be running the second Conclave Online over the weekend of 5–7 March 2021. It will be run in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital. Derek is looking for two GMs on Friday, four GMs on Saturday and 4 GMs on Sunday. There will be Pathfinder 1st edition, Pathfinder 2nd edition and Starfinder adventures... maybe other game systems, too. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in GM'ing.

You Tube from GenCon

You can now catch some of the updates that were released at GenCon on YouTube. These were initially transmitted on Twitch but lots of you were busy playing. No need to miss them – they are now available on YouTube for anyone who wants to find out what is planned for the year ahead.